Social Media twirls Education Specialists Creativity

Ignorance in Social Media Hacks & the Struggle of Education Professionals

Social Media, International Education Development and Facebook …

Starting an analysis of an existing platform, by a “beginner’ in social media is a “weird” task I am conducting.

As an educational consultant, I have always shared my work via organizational set up in meetings, training sessions, development workshops and in demo classrooms, Mentoring meetings, evaluation conferences and other personal development strategies were also followed. I have my Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts, yet they have not been used for professional development. I used them to blog a comment, share an achievement, participate in social interactions, and occasionally share a professional blog that related the news or political situations to education. Collecting likes, and shared was left to natural interactions, I never worked to assure my online existence as a professional and specialist.

Marketing the Educational Institution is a real struggle. It takes a non-educational marketing specialist to work out the marketing strategy from a devoted business view. However, the link between business and education is a vague concept for both ends of the joint venture. Different objectives and different disciplines make the product vibrates between selling the institution or selling the content to be learned from the institution. Academic or Vocational, developing nonprofit social service or for-profit corporate with social responsibility?

From another point, spreading the educational content through social media platforms is another struggle. The “to be learned content” is not an appealing product to be marketed, especially for school aged clients. The “to be learned content” is also required to be prepared by many professionals (the academics, techno people, the creative designers, and the delivers). Having all these professionals brought together under one umbrella is almost not possible, regardless to the fact that the combo does exist in real ground.

Furthermore, another true struggle is the struggle of branding the educational institution as unique and different, yet, serve committed to the latest trends in serving “learning”  To be creative, productive, educative, and falls within limits & standards, rules & regulations, yet stay unique? Reading content, following the steps, watching the videos, dramatizing the content, even naming the domain, and specifying the position is always available on the web and for all. Professional designs, processes and procedures are no longer a scarce resource. Then what makes a new brad stands out?

This website is devoted for International Education Development. IED as a GLOBAL CONCEPT that will be presented as a Web-learning Page that provides learning in the steps of developing the page. Learning at the spur of the moment as never happened before. Founded and managed by an Educational Expert who has experienced education as academic and vocational paradigms. The main purpose of this website tis to “analyses” the emotional trigger in the educational posts and development material. As per my interactions through my leading roles, all has agreed that this is a unique “power” of my leadership style. A heart to heart education was always my motive .

This website aims to lead beginner education specialists to construct unconventional Global Educational Platforms through published trial and error. On-site training and step by step practice to edit and develop already published pages, is going to be the innovative practice in this page. The website focuses on interrelating educational, economic, technological creative skills into a “Knowledge Economy World Bank” in a platform that spread Global Concept via Education out of a heart, hence my Slogan.

The website is designed to provide an everlasting renewable resources of INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT – content and ideas. The content will be shared via twitter, Instagram, Facebook and linked in platforms, where I already have accounts and followers to start with.

An example of a shred blog:

Considering Facebook as the platform that will be used to share the website’s posts on, and how is it suitable for its purpose.

Analyzing Facebook had given me insights in what to think of when designing my web page. My web page is just starting to be shaped and constructed.

Facebook Analysis


Facebook domain has been changed in 2004 after many years of use of Facebook in full word, into FB. FB has as well bought all similar possible typing mistakes as fAcebool, or gacebook …etc to own search get redirected to their main domain page.

FB mission: “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them”. This mission as per (Thorelli, 1968), fulfills defined scope, specific objectives, function, of service and clients served.

Interrelated sources of Power of FB:

FB with sources of power provided, will be a technology and economic leadership power of identity and legitimacy. FB as per literature, provided

  • long-term contracts
  • part ownership of another network member
  • interlocking directorates
  • joint-venture arrangements

These sources of power dominates:

Economic: Economic Impact of FB in 2014 Facebook developed to be: cash generator, jobs opportunities creator, marketing platform, entertainment business, socio-economic, information search, and other businesses stimulator and developer. In 2014, the FB company had a revenue of 1.4 bn USD in profit in its 1st quarter. It created a 4.5 million jobs globally.

Position and Expertise: After being a social interaction platform that was developed to become an economic and information source of impact. A question was raised of FB: Can a social network become a governor? A new position is being questioned as well in 201: Can FB role have a role in as a principal human rights monitor for freedom of expression? With a 130 million $USD budgeted to advocate for this new positioning. Facebook is taking a significant step toward self-governance of online speech.

Legitimacy: A global platform is legitimate by individual states government laws as well as international law depending on the situation, location, topic, and content.  And when such a platform seeks a new positioning as a role in HR freedom of expression advocacy, new laws and a new board of legitimacy will be defined, although this is will not help legitimize content and practices that many find objectionable, such as the increased use of automation to make decisions about content. “If the board’s decisions are rooted in the kinds of human rights standards that individuals around the world cherish, if they genuinely absorb the input of communities worldwide, Facebook’s legitimacy and influence may rise”.


With time FB might build that trust to expand to govern a worldwide industry of online speech and provide an umbrella to “all” other online platforms to publish under its governance for a lower legitimate responsibility and economic coast. And this will encourage competition in this market specifically by encouraging new platforms to join the industry specially those that come with innovative ideas.

Furthermore, strategic management purposes forecast, is to look upon the entire network as a single organization, by forming joint product development.

Now the next step to be taken is to apply all this on my website and see how it goes with pricing, marketing, positioning and legitimating my services via horizontal and vertical hierarchies.

International Education Development – Social Media beats Education Profession

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