Transformation Agenda 2030

Join us .. The #conference about Transformational initiative on #Europe, the #Asia Pacific and the #Global #TransformationAgenda, hosted by the #European_Union_Centre_of_Excellence at #RMIT University and supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the #European_Union The #program is attached. Join on your computer or mobile app Click here to join the meeting DAY 1 24th March 2021 starts atContinue reading “Transformation Agenda 2030”

كن جنين من جديد

من وحي الحظر نتفكر … فالخلوات وإن كنا مرغمين عليها … إلا أنها قد تجعل منا نفوس جديدة ترتقي بنا إلى حسن الدنيا وحسن ثواب الآخرة.

Curriculum Vitae

AMANI AL-AMAD / Contact No.: 965-90930111, cc: 965-66855575 Accomplished, dynamic and well-rounded educational and development leader with extensive experience, spanning 25+ years, in establishing global concepts and consultancy for international education development programs. A proven track record in leading, developing, planning, designing & delivering an interactive educational atmosphere for schools and communitiesContinue reading “Curriculum Vitae”

Data Sheet – Fate of Education In Gaza due to Recurrence of Conflicts and the 2020 COVID 19 Pandemic

Re: “Access to Online Education” October 2020 – Gaza Strip Survey Initiand as a research component for IDR2 course as a core requirement for the study of Mater of International Development – IntD At RMIT University – Australia – Melbourne Survey initiated & Prepared by Amani Al Amad – RMIT IntD Master Student – MelbourneContinue reading “Data Sheet – Fate of Education In Gaza due to Recurrence of Conflicts and the 2020 COVID 19 Pandemic”

Stakeholders Engagement & Emergent Media

Assessment 3   –   Reflective Blog Post  Will Robots Become Organisations’ Essential Stakeholders ? In this inclusive blog, stakeholders of participatory media will be reflected upon. For the reader, please be prepared to “jump” between reflections and ideas. Jumping efficiently among information is an essential skill required to survive in the world of participatory media (#PM);Continue reading “Stakeholders Engagement & Emergent Media”

Stakeholders & Emergent Media

Assignment 2B – Toktikking the USA – Chineses TikTok Conflict The USA announced concerns about the TilTok App, President Trump said: “TikTok is a threat to the American National Security“. USA said the Security Concerns are summed up as: – TikTok conspiracy theories   (ex. PizzaGate Groups) , TikTok misinformation (ex. Coronavirus Death Tolls and Vaccine  Conspiracy),Continue reading “Stakeholders & Emergent Media”

Stakeholders Engagement

Assignment 1 … Live blog post: 1,250 words  Contents Introduction. 2 WordPress. 2 Affordances. 4 Link Between Social Media and the World (communication strategies, social media politics & regulations, and impact ). 5 Conclusion. 6 References. 7 Introduction This short essay will take the reader through an open thought journey, of an educator’s dilemma inContinue reading “Stakeholders Engagement”

DopaMe … Instagram & Me …

#Instagram “The desire for a ‘hit’ of dopamine, coupled with a failure to gain instant indulgence, may prompt users to perpetually refresh their social media feeds”. #Instagram and the #quicksand colloidal effect of pictures on #emotional health. As every other social media platform, Instagram is marketed as a free choice. Moreover, a free choice thatContinue reading “DopaMe … Instagram & Me …”

Even “Spider Man” analogy is a Colonized Gender Identity …

What do you see as the future for gender in the context of international development’?

Socio-cultural diversity and values, world systems and the benefits of local and global development practices for communities engaged in development processes.

Research Blog 2 Communication Management

Fate of Education in Gaza due to Recurrence of Conflicts and the 2020 COVID 19 Breakout July 2020 Blog 2 19th July 2020 IDR 1 – Blog 2 19th July 2020 Now the topic and the title have shaped up in my mind, communicating the idea of the topic with Robert was the next step.Continue reading “Research Blog 2 Communication Management”

Research Blog 1-17th July 2020

Fate of Education in Gaza due to Recurrence of Conflicts and the 2020 COVID 19 Breakout IDR 1 – Blog 1 17th July 2020                                    International development (ID) and education, are a unique powerful combo that can construct or destruct the generations, communities and eventually the world. Since I started reading through ID courses allocated content, readingContinue reading “Research Blog 1-17th July 2020”