Fate of Education in Gaza & the Pandemic COVID19

Online Education … the Myth ? Documentation of the phone conversations on the 21st of August, and the follow up phone call with Mr. Refat S, GM & president of TCC & ACEA RESPECTIVELY, on the 25th of August 2020. The core of the conversation was to clarify my query about the difference between theContinue reading “Fate of Education in Gaza & the Pandemic COVID19”

DopaMe … Instagram & Me …

#Instagram “The desire for a ‘hit’ of dopamine, coupled with a failure to gain instant indulgence, may prompt users to perpetually refresh their social media feeds”. #Instagram and the #quicksand colloidal effect of pictures on #emotional health. As every other social media platform, Instagram is marketed as a free choice. Moreover, a free choice thatContinue reading “DopaMe … Instagram & Me …”

Even “Spider Man” analogy is a Colonized Gender Identity …

What do you see as the future for gender in the context of international development’?

Socio-cultural diversity and values, world systems and the benefits of local and global development practices for communities engaged in development processes.

Social Media twirls Education Specialists Creativity

Ignorance in Social Media Hacks & the Struggle of Education Professionals Social Media, International Education Development and Facebook … Starting an analysis of an existing platform, by a “beginner’ in social media is a “weird” task I am conducting. As an educational consultant, I have always shared my work via organizational set up in meetings,Continue reading “Social Media twirls Education Specialists Creativity”

Research Blog 2 Communication Management

Fate of Education in Gaza due to Recurrence of Conflicts and the 2020 COVID 19 Breakout July 2020 Blog 2 19th July 2020 IDR 1 – Blog 2 19th July 2020 Now the topic and the title have shaped up in my mind, communicating the idea of the topic with Robert was the next step.Continue reading “Research Blog 2 Communication Management”

Research Blog 1-17th July 2020

Fate of Education in Gaza due to Recurrence of Conflicts and the 2020 COVID 19 Breakout IDR 1 – Blog 1 17th July 2020                                    International development (ID) and education, are a unique powerful combo that can construct or destruct the generations, communities and eventually the world. Since I started reading through ID courses allocated content, readingContinue reading “Research Blog 1-17th July 2020”