Curriculum Vitae


Contact No.: 965-90930111, cc: 965-66855575
Accomplished, dynamic and well-rounded educational and development leader with extensive experience, spanning 25+ years, in establishing global concepts and consultancy for international education development programs.
A proven track record in leading, developing, planning, designing & delivering an interactive educational atmosphere for schools and communities alike.
Past responsibilities include designing and providing professional development training and coaching, for the education community in Kuwait and staff, as well as catering for community growth needs, professional and personal needs; along with organizing, preparing, and delivering workshops and educational conferences.
Possesses a deep and thorough understanding of educational business needs and the areas of improvement; alongside full awareness of the skill sets required for maximizing the efficiency of educational delivery and reception in class, or virtually online.

1st place Winner of IOM Kuwait – UN Photography Award for Expats Successful Integration in Kuwait – Dec 2018

Proven expertise in:

  • Training and Development Executive Decision Making
  • Strategic Educational Planning
  • Learning Difficulties Education Management
  • Integrating New Policies & Processes
  • Social Cultural Methods of Early Intervention
  • Managing Stakeholders Teaching and Counselling
  • Guidance and Leadership
  • Curriculum Management
  • Bilingual Student Bodies
  • Inclusion Schools Management
  • Intelligence Corporate Leadership by Storytelling


Afaq for Educational Services  – Kuwait

Educational Manager, May 2019 – May 2020

  • Generate Strategic Education Development Plans  
  •  Evaluate & Revise and Make Education Schools Policies
  •  Counsel and Manage Stakeholders Communication Intervention Plans
  •  Integrate Policies into designing Global Schooling Systems, Online Education Systems, and
  •  Social Cultural Intelligence Integration Programs.

And as an Education Development Specialist, achieved to train educators and education leaders on personal development and professional development programs, that enabled them to lead into success. Examples of workshops conducted:

  • Methods of Appreciation and Differentiation (3 days workshop)
  • Skillful Inclusive Communities (4 days workshop)
  • Class Management tools and tactics
  • Adaptive Schools
  • Inclusion Schools
  • Early Intervention
  • Cultural Intelligence – Core & Reflex (4 hours Community Development Program)

Al Nibras International Bilingual School

School Principal, Dec 2014 – Aug 2018

  • Manage, evaluate and supervise effective and clear procedures for the operation and    functioning of the school consistent with the philosophy, mission, values and goals of the school.
  • Ensure compliance with all laws, Head Office policies, and Ministry of Education policies
  • Supervise the instructional programs of the school, evaluating lesson plans and Individualized Educational Plans (IEP), and observing classes on a regular basis to encourage the use of a variety of instructional strategies and materials.
  • Supervise in a fair and consistent manner effective discipline and attendance systems. Ensure a safe, orderly environment that encourages students to take responsibility for behaviour and creates high morale among staff and students.
  • Establish a professional rapport with students and with staff that has their respect. Display the highest ethical and professional behaviour and standards when working with students, parents and school personnel.
  • Assume responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of students, employees, and visitors.
  • Develop clearly understood procedures and provide regular drills for emergencies and disasters.
  • Maintain visibility and liaison between students, teachers, parents, and the Head Office.
  • Use excellent written and oral Arabic and English skills when communicating with students, parents, teachers, and other staff members.
  • Complete in a timely fashioned detailed record and reports as requested by the Head Office.
  • Protect confidentiality of records and information gained as part of exercising professional duties and use discretion in sharing such information within legal confines.

Additional Experience:

  • June’ 2012 – December 2015: ICES Company the owner of Al-Nibras International Schools as a senior Research Associate and Professional Development Coordinator
  • Sep’ 2009 – June 2012: Al-Resala Bilingual School as Managing Assistant & Deputy Principal
  • Sep’ 97 – August 2009: Bayan Bilingual School as Science Teacher & Advisor – Biology/chemistry
  • Dec’ 96 – Aug’ 97: Amman Ahliya University as Lecturer – Analytical Chemistry
  • Jan’ 96 – Jul’ 96: Commonwealth Serum Laboratories – Australia (CSL) as Quality Control Chemist, Bio-plasma Division, and Quality Assurance Laboratory
  • Mar’ 93 – Dec’ 96: Doncaster Arabic Sunday School as Principal


2021 – M.ID – International Development from Department of Social & Urban Studies from RMIT, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia

2007   M.Ed – Leadership & Management from University of Southern Queensland       Australia

1996   M.Sc (Analytical Chemistry) from Department of Chemistry from RMIT, the Royal Melbourne       Institute of Technology University, Australia

1986   B.Sc in Biochemistry from Kuwait University

Professional Development

  • International Project Management
  • Research Management
  • International Practical Ethics Development
  • Leading by Mentoring
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication Management for Social Change
  • Practical Ethics for Development
  • Teenagers Guidance


English & Arabic: Fluent in written & spoken

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