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Assignment 2B – Toktikking the USA – Chineses TikTok Conflict

The USA announced concerns about the TilTok App, President Trump said: “TikTok is a threat to the American National Security“. USA said the Security Concerns are summed up as: – TikTok conspiracy theories   (ex. PizzaGate Groups) , TikTok misinformation (ex. Coronavirus Death Tolls and Vaccine  Conspiracy), and TikTok extremism (ex. the Boogaloo Bois Group Videos).

Doing some research and a bit of Analysis, shows that the real problem is not a security concern. Technology Rivalry – Authorities and Hierarchies. All of this might have been overlooked or forgiven, except for one fact. TikTok is owned by ByteDance, one of the largest tech companies in China”. The Chinese algorithms used to spread the users videos and notify them with recommended videos are strange to the USA Technology mainstream.

Moreover, the American administrative analysists, reported that if the USA does not overcome this political economic rivalry, then there are possible hits that will fall on the USA if TikTok is banned. The Hits can be : A new president might reallow TikTok, Users might get online access from abroad accounts, and Gate walls that will suppress access to TikTok will similarly suppress American Apps and Websites.

THis Video, proposes a solution, that embeds the development current global language. as (Wenger, 1998:4) proposes that for ‘communities of practice’ to meaningfully cohere, they need three further elements: –mutual engagement = shared norms and expectations that gives community identity –joint enterprise = key practice domain of the group that gives community vitality (ex hashtags and emojis) –shared repertoire = resources, tools, techniques and standards.

We will always be #bettertogather

And will always be able to overcome power and money hierarchical conflicts using soft powers and social enterprise. A #hashtag, #shared _values, and empowerment of all impacted stakeholders can always be a parallel power to politics and economy.

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