Research Blog 3

Initiation with ACEA

IDR 1 – Blog 3

23rd July 2020

Research Title:    Fate of Education in Gazza due to Recurrence of Conflicts and

the 2020 COVID 19 Pandemic

The link with ACEA has been initiated. Mr. Refat thankfully has granted approval and all support to make this research project come to the light. A highly appreciated opportunity to work research a region, district and topics that will serve education and learning in & around the Arab Region and will be enlightening all other education regions.

We started by a conversation over a phone call, to get to greet each other, introduce the research objectives, and discuss ACEA’s interests as an educational movement; what research topics are of interest to them, and what areas are required to be emphasized through research during the COVID19 pandemic global emergency.  

A glance about my background that was shared with ACEA;

an educational professional with background science research, education, and senior management. My work experience has been progressively developed through teaching in international schools, to team leading & administrative roles. Furthermore, participating in strategic educational top management, consultancy and policy making occurred over the past 7 years of my work experience. I have worked in general education fields and inclusive education. I have worked with mainstream education systems, inclusive education systems, of local and international governance. Policies for general education, learning difficulties and learning disabilities were written and evaluated.

I am currently based in Kuwait where all schools and educational companies are currently closed due to the pandemic. The exception being a few international schools, that have allowed part of their student base to continue with distance schooling, based on parents’ approval and students’ choice. 

Mr. Refat explained the interest of ACEA in the research topic and have added that he will introduce me to his team from TCC (Teachers Creativity Center). He expressed the interest of the center in following up closely on the via the research about education after the pandemic and demonstrate a report about the actual findings.

We agreed to discuss the areas that we will cover in the research study over a Skype meeting with the TCC representatives, Ms. Hala and Ms. Rawan.

A glance about TCC

The Teacher’s Creativity Center (TCC), is a non-for-profit, non-governmental Palestinian organization, registered officially to the specialized department of the Ministry of Interior, in Palestine.  TCC advocates for a community-driven, rights-based education and for an outcome-oriented planning for education in Palestine and MENA. TCC is mainly devoted to transforming the role of education to become socially responsible education. TCC is based in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank.

The work of TCC is aligned with SDG4, article 4.7, and the article 26 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the Socially Responsible Education.

TCC homepage link is provided below for reference and more information.

Teacher Creativity Center. (n.d.). Retrieved from, Palestine, Ramallah

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